On Tuesday, March 23, Southeast Missouri State University will attempt to fund 12 projects in 24 hours. We’re counting on your support to make SEMO Giving Day a success. If you are able to contribute financially, we greatly appreciate your contribution to one or more of the projects. If not, or if you plan to donate and would like to go the extra mile to help, here is how you can help us reach our goal:

Tell Your Friends and Family about SEMO Giving Day

While you’re crowded around the dinner table looking for a new conversation topic or suffering through a football game commercial break, use the opportunity to tell your friends and family about what we’re doing and how they can make a difference in the lives of students.

You can also use your personal social media accounts to help us spread the word digitally. Simply right click on the image corresponding to the project you donated to, and select ‘Save Image As’.

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